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Cauda Equina Foundation serves to improve the quality of life and care for individuals living with cauda equina syndrome.






Cauda Equina Foundation's vision is to eradicate the devastating neurological deficits caused by cauda equina syndrome.




What We Aim to Do
Cauda Equina Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit organization, serves to improve the quality of life and care for individuals living with cauda equina syndrome. Cauda Equina Syndrome is a spinal nerve root injury that can cause bladder and bowel incontinence, leg weakness, sexual dysfunction, chronic pain, and even paralysis; especially when left untreated. Cauda Equina Syndrome is misdiagnosed MOST of the time as general back pain. This leaves these individuals with new challenges to be functioning members of society and it affects every aspect of their lives from relationships, parenting, and the ability to financially care for themselves and their families. 

Further, Cauda Equina Syndrome is not well understood in the medical community so treatment in the post-surgical and chronic phase consists of symptom management, which lacks research for treatment guidance. There is no known cure, only early detection and treatment can improve patient outcomes.


Cauda Equina Foundation's 2018 strategic focus:



Education Initiatives:


  1. Continuing education programs for healthcare practitioners. We provide free continuing education credits for healthcare providers to improve timely diagnosis and treatment to improve cauda equina syndrome patient's outcomes. 

  2. We are continually collecting research on cauda equina syndrome and associated co-morbidities such as radiculopathy, sciatica, and saddle anesthesia. 

  3. Guided patient education programs and resources. We provide educational opportunities for our constituents to learn about their bodies, how to communicate their needs to their caregiver network, and to become a self-advocate. 



Research Initiatives:


Epidemiology: Who is cauda equina syndrome affecting and what are those effects? How prevalent is cauda equina syndrome? What is the impact of cauda equina syndrome on society?


Clinical Practice Guidelines: We are researching peer-reviewed retrospective case studies of cauda equina syndrome to make evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the timely diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome. 


Case and Literature Reviews: We compile and analyze research and case reports on cauda equina syndrome to make recommendations for new research initiatives and best practice medicine for current cases of cauda equina syndrome. 





Healthcare Practitioners: We are educating the medical community to improve the quality of care CES individuals receive. To improve timely diagnosis rates and treatment times to improve the patient outcomes.


Community: We are educating the community on cauda equina syndrome to improve awareness and empathy for individuals living with cauda equina syndrome. 


Government: We advocate legislators as well as federal and state committees and organizations such as the Food and Drug Administration, The National Institue of Health, and the Center for Disease Contol and Prevention to educate them on the effects of cauda equina syndrome, in hopes to streamline and improve cauda equina syndrome patient's rights to high-quality care and accessibility in the communities they live in.  We advocate





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