"Love Where You're At"

Have you ever been in a rut? A real rut, not a puddle that just moves you off course, but the kind of rut that is a gapping, ever vast valley you can't get out of. The majority of us can answer yes to this one. Since being diagnosed with CES I've felt captured, trapped, and abandoned in a valley I can't escape. That was until I found the strength to.

Inner Strength is the biggest component to leading a successful life. There are many ways of developing your inner strength and keeping it. First & foremost is persistence, patience, and direction. Pushing your attainable limits and keeping a can do attitude can help so much. Despite adversity, the biggest asset to inner strength is loving where you are at in life. You can either chose to hate the life you are dealt, or love it. I choose the latter. Inner Strength can be obtained and retained with a few simple steps. Choosing happiness, Staying Positive, and Staying Grounded. I recently asked my fellow friends and family what gives them inner strength. These were a few of their answers.....

-Faith -Fear of Failure -Courage

-Meditation -Determination -Love

-Humor -Family -Hobbies

-Self - Worth -Friends -Lifestyle

-Kindness -Gratitude -Stability

Look within yourself to find where your strength comes from. It might be one of these mentioned, or it could be something within, you never really gave much thought to. Once you find this inner strength, grab it, keep it, and don't ever let it go. At the end of the day, this strength will be the only thing to push you forward. Daily, self evaluate your stress and intimidate them with the power inside of you. You direct your destiny. Push your limits. Love where you’re at.

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