Life Hacks for the CES Sufferer

Life Hacks for CES Sufferers

How many of us would love to have an easy day, free of worries and strife? There is no cure all/end all to the troubles in our life, but there are things we can do to make our lives flow just a little bit easier. Today's blog will be focused on life hacks for CES sufferers.

Need help cleaning?

Try reaching tools, grabbers, and sticks. These tools help for easy pick up of laundry, dropped items, trash, etc. Use a mop with a head that scrubs to clean the tub.

Need help putting on your shoes?

Shoehorns are an amazing product to help push your pesky feet into stubborn shoes. They are a great product for any CES sufferer. There are even devices called sock aids, to help you put on your socks.

Need help on stressful days?

Start a diary! Chart your feelings. Whether they are happy, sad, etc. Keeping track of how you are feeling and writing down your frustrations will help greatly on those stress filled days!

Need help sleeping?

First, make sure you take your medicines ahead of time. Taking your medicine in a timely manner will allow for an easier or more restful sleep. Also practicing relaxation techniques and meditation can assist in a better, deeper sleep. If you have trouble sleeping through the night, and take naps during the day, try an eye mask. The eye mask will help with daylight coming in from outside or lights within your home. Talk to your doctor about things you can do to help you sleep.

Need help with your upset stomach?

Most of us deal with upset stomachs either due to our bowels or medications. Try making smoothies. Homemade smoothies are full of fiber to help push your bowels along the intestine, and well as putting a cool touch to a sour stomach. Insert your smoothie recipes in the comment section below.

Searching for comfort when you are out?

Trying carrying a pillow wherever you go. This will help at doctor’s offices, movie theaters, church, and restaurants. There are collapsible ones that can fit in a bag and blow up when you need it.

Need help with pain?

Try keeping a medicine/pain charting diary, there are even apps to help. Charting your medicines and when you take them will help with unexpected pain. Also, keeping track of how bad your pain is and what time of day your pain is worse, will help recognize triggers of pain surges. This can help you communicate with your doctor more effectively regarding your pain, and even help you determine if you have pain triggers.

Need help finding happiness?

Try finding a hobby, something you can do on your own without help. There are so many things that attribute to our happiness. Keeping your mind in a positive place, and having a hobby to put negativity into will help keep you sane and your emotions in check!

Try using these life hacks in your daily life, or come up with your own! CES is difficult, but it shouldn’t keep us from living a full, satisfied life! Use the comment section below to share your CES life hacks with others.

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