Cauda Equina Syndrome Energy Conservation in the Kitchen

What is energy conservation and how can it help me with cauda equina syndrome symptoms?

Energy conservation refers to the way activities are done to minimize muscle fatigue, joint stress, and pain.

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Why is energy conservation important?

By using your body efficiently and doing things in a sequential way, you can save your energy. Work simplification and energy conservation principles will allow you to remain independent and be less frustrated by your illness when the energy you have lasts throughout the day. Leaving you the energy to do the things you want to do instead of the things you have to do.

Energy conservation tips for the kitchen:

  • Taking frequent rest breaks/taking seated breaks when needed

  • Gather all ingredients and utensils before starting

  • Make large meals and freeze in servings for later use

  • Use lightweight cookware and dishes to conserve energy

  • Use paper plates and cups to eliminate dishwashing

  • Use electric appliances such as can openers, blenders, food processors and dishwasher to conserve energy

  • Position and Posture are important. Sit to work when you can to use 25% less energy. Sit and stand as upright as you can

  • Practice deep breathing exercises while you work to maintain your breathing rate and stay relaxed

  • Slide heavy objects along the counter top rather than lifting them.

  • Use a damp dishcloth or sticky surface such as dycem to keep items in place while working or when opening jars, etc.

  • Line baking pans with foil to minimize cleaning

  • Soak pots & pans to eliminate scrubbing

  • Use cooking baskets inside saucepans to avoid lifting heavy pans containing hot water when draining vegetables, etc.

  • Use electrical equipment rather than manual when possible e.g. electric tin opener and food processor

  • A microwave oven can cut down on cooking & cleaning time

  • Avoid over reaching and bending by keeping often used items within easy reach

  • Avoid rushing; rushing uses more energy; take your time, breathe, relax!

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Cauda Equina Syndrome Symptoms drain energy leaving little energy to do the things we want to do. But by sharing tips and tricks to save energy in must do activities, we help each other save energy to concentrate on making memories and laughing. Comment below to add to our list of tips to conserving energy in the kitchen.

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