There's No Such Thing as A Little Sickness with Cauda Equina Syndrome

I caught a “little head cold” about two week’s ago, and it seems that there is nothing little anymore. The good news is that I was coming down with some sort of bug when I started to get sick to my stomach every day. I thought it was from the CES because I do get sick to my stomach easier since I’ve had it, but apparently it was getting out of hand this time because of a bug.

I went out to a crawfish party that my son had, and about three day’s later I started having congestion. I have to laugh at myself though, because I was wracking my brain’s about who was sick around me, and wondering why they couldn’t stay home. I wonder if anyone else does that?

The last time I got sick was back in December. I had gotten that flu that was so bad this year, and I was doing wonderful up until that point. It literally took me three months to gain strength back from that. That was brutal, but of course it was the flu.

This time I got what I thought would be a simple head cold, and apparently there is nothing simple with Cauda Equina Syndrome. The fever got to 102.6 and it was hell on my body. The chill’s from the fever just cut right to the bone and my muscles were so sore. It hurt just to move my eyeballs and I was stuck in bed for a week.

I had a lot of chicken soup and fluids, which was good. I drank a lot of olive juice, for some reason my body craved it. I also ate tons of pineapple. I remember reading about the bromelain in it and how it was supposed to be good for you, and it seemed like every time I ate a few pieces the passages in my nose cleared up. So I ate so much of it I was actually getting sick from the sugar, but I was trying anything to not go to the Dr.

I was going to go, but I did not. After my fever was high for two day’s it finally broke and then I was just left with a cough, but it’s mainly been from a tickle in my throat. Nothing productive from it, so I don’t see the point of running to a Dr. I have to admit that there were definitely time’s that I thought about going, but I didn’t.

Whatever I caught is pretty much gone now, but I am left with a cough and I can feel a little bit of congestion in my chest. I’m sure I’ll live.

It really is a rotten feeling to be sick on top of having a chronic illness because it seems like it packed a double punch. The weather outside didn’t help much either because the whole time that I was sick it was grey, wet, and rainy out. So the dampness was another miserable additive. I slept a lot. It seems like I was out of touch with reality for ages, but it was only two week’s, which felt like forever.

I remember when my husband caught it from me, I thought wonderful. Now he’s going to be stuck in bed, and then what? It was only a head cold. For him it came and went. I forgot, I have Cauda Equina Syndrome. That make’s everything worse!

I must say that I did enjoy the time off that my husband had while he was sick, because we did spend a lot of time together, and it was nice. What I do not like is how weak I am from being sick, and my leg’s seem to have lost a lot of strength. So it has been harder than normal to walk around the house and my ankle’s are really swollen again. Then when that happens my feet usually feel like two concrete block’s just dangling from my ankle’s.

The bedroom was so dreary the whole week that I was sick. I’m actually glad that I was able to sleep, but it’s a lousy reason to be able to sleep. You’re just so sick that’s all that you can do. The light’s killed my eyes so I kept the lamp off and there was no sunshine, just rain. The dampness made my leg’s super achy as well.

After the fever broke and I finally started to get my strength back, I would go sit on the couch in the living room and watch a movie. When I can sit for longer than an hour, that’s how I know my strength is coming back, though my leg’s are still very weak.

I also enjoyed coloring in the adult coloring book that I’ve discovered is a good way to relax. For some reason it’s very soothing and I enjoy watching all of the pretty color’s come alive in the picture’s. That’s become a big past time on the day’s that I am wiped out, just because that’s what Cauda Equina Syndrome does.

A Simple Head Cold is Not So Simple with CES

My appetite is finally coming back after a week of basically fluids and I am taking my vitamin again; I am slowly getting stronger, though my leg’s are still very weak. It finally cleared up outside too, so I went and laid out by the pool one day, and the next day I felt pretty good and I actually went and sat on the step and did some leg exercises.

I love doing that. I can’t feel a thing in my leg’s when they’re in the water so I do all sorts of crazy moves that I can make up just to get them moving again. With all of the rain that we have had the water has been unusually cold and it has finally warmed up. Summer day’s just became fun!!

I’ve been in the pool three times so far, but I’m not getting my chest wet just yet because something tells me not to. Hopefully the heat will help clear up the congestion in my chest, because it doesn’t thrill me at all to know I might have to go to a Dr. for antibiotics if the cough doesn’t go away.

I’m glad to know that I can go swimming now. Exercise is so boring if you can’t swim. It is for me anyways. I enjoy getting a full body workout, and it’s fun as well.

I need to get my leg’s back in shape. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been sick they are really shaky when I walk, and I really hate that feeling. This was just a simple head cold, and judging by how quick my husband got over it, I don’t think it will stick around much longer.

I don’t want to wait another three month’s to get my energy back like I did when I had the flu. It seems like my body get’s wiped out because I’m always fighting against the CES, any kind of sickness just make’s thing’s ten times worse.

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