Cauda Equina Syndrome

Acute Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES)  is a medical emergency resulting from compression or injury to the cauda equina, located in the lumbar spine below the conus medullaris. 


When indicated, surgical intervention is recommended to be completed within the first 48 hours of ONSET of symptoms. This improves the rate of positive prognosis.

*MRI is the gold standard for diagnosis.

*Not all causes of CES are treatable with surgical intervention.






Cauda Equina Syndrome MRI
Cauda Equina Syndrome Red Flags
Red Flag Symptoms

Saddle Anesthesia


Urinary Disterbances


Bowel Disterbances


Sexual Dysfunction


Severe Back Pain


Unilateral or Bilateral Leg Pain (Sciatica)


Trouble walking

Abnormal Lower Extremity Nero-Exam

*Reflexes, Strength, Proprioception, Sensation


If you experience these symptoms seek emergency medical advice at the onset of symptoms.