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Cauda Equina Syndrome Volunteer Network

Available Positions:

All positions are all on a volunteer basis at this time, in a virtual office and some positions may have an intern working under their guidance. Some positions require travel local, nationwide, and at times, international. Individuals living with disabilities are HIGHLY encouraged to apply. Internships are available. Grow your skills, provide amazing services for a great cause, and develop new relationships.


  • Web Development/Information Technology- Experience required. Must know Wix and Word Press. Be able to recommend and review programs and platforms to streamline administrative functions. 2-4 hours a week. 

  • Financial Administration- Experience required, CPA a bonus but not required, may get certified on the job. Must know 990 filing requirements. 2-4 hours a week 

  • Membership Support- NO experience required, will train. Answer member questions, monitor support forums, write blogs to encourage and educate members. 2-4 hours a week

  • CES Ambassadors-  NO experience required, will train. This is advocacy based in which individuals will be out in the community talking about Cauda Equina Syndrome and the Foundation as well as fostering relationships to gain funding for research, education, advocacy, and patient support (Must have a valid passport). May require travel. 5-40 hours a week (depending on travel)

  • Social Media & Marketing- NO experience required, will train. We are looking for someone who loves social media & marketing and has 2-4 hours a week to help us get the word out about CES and the Foundation happenings on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram...We use Buffer to post so we make it easy! You will also make new brochures and posters for CES advocacy, funding, and education for hospitals, and doctors' offices.

  • Volunteer Coordinator- NO experience required. Do you like people, are you highly organized and great with time management? Are you good at delegating and mentoring? These are some of the things we are looking for in our Volunteer Coordinator. They will be responsible for recruiting, supporting, rewarding, and fostering our volunteers. This is a management level position. 5-10 hours a week, plus able to answer emergency calls from volunteers.

  • Executive Administrative  Assistants- These positions will directly support the Board of Directors, Medical Advisory and Review Board, and the C-level Executive Staff of the organization. Individuals in this role must attend all meetings required (accommodations are certainly made for emergencies, illnesses, and CES related happenings). All meetings are virtual, except for the annual meeting in Orlando, Florida in December of every year. This position may require travel including international; must have a valid passport. 5-40 hours a week (depending on travel)

  • Board Members- We have three positions available on our Board of Directors, one position MUST be filled by an individual that is a CPA, a CFO, or equally experienced individual. One position MUST be filled by an individual experienced in business law, nonprofit law is a bonus. The final position MUST be filled by an individual with previous Director experience. We have positions available because our current directors have served out their terms and per our By-laws, we must select new individuals to serve. International applicants are accepted. Three of our four quarterly meetings are virtual through video conference, our annual meeting is in Orlando, Florida, and is mandatory in person. There may be travel opportunities. Must have a valid passport. Must not have a criminal record. Will be held to the highest standards of integrity, compassion, honesty, and passion for the organization and its mission. 2-4 hours per week minimum

  • Medical Advisory and Review Board Members- We have several positions open for our Medical Advisory and Review Board. This board serves to promote, conduct, and review research. Develop and review clinical practice guidelines and recommendations. Develop and review patient and provider educational series and materials. We have positions in the following specialties including pediatrics because Cauda Equina Syndrome does not discriminate: 2-4 hours per week 

    • Medical Director (1)

    • Neurosurgery (5)

    • Pediatric Neurosurgery (5)

    • Neurology (5)

    • Pediatric Neurology (5)

    • Urology (5)

    • Pediatric Urology (5)

    • Gynecology and Obstetrics (3)

    • Gastroenterology (5)

    • Pediatric Gastroenterology (5)

    • Orthopedic (5)

    • Pediatric Orthopedic (5)

    • Pediatrics (3)

    • Mental Health Counselors (5)

    • Pediatric Mental Health Counselors (3)

    • Psychologist/Psychiatrist (5)

    • Pediatric Psychologist (3)

    • Nursing (20)

    • Pediatric Nurse (5)

    • Physical Therapist (5)

    • Pediatric Physical Therapist (3)

    • Pelvic Floor Therapist (5)

    • Occupational Therapist (8) 

      • Including sub-specialties such as driving

      • Pediatrics

    • Physiatrist (5)

    • Pediatric Physiatrist (3)

    • Pain Management (5)

    • Pediatric Pain Managment (3)

    • Clinical Researcher (10)

    • Cardiovascular (3)

    • Sleep Medicine (5)

      • Pulmonologist

      • Neurologist

      • Respiratory Therapist (1) 

    • Massage Therapist (3)

    • Holistic/Naturalist/Homeopathic Medicine (8)

    • Exercise Physiologist (3)

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